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About Artwork

Since childhood I was passioned by the traditions and folk art. From primary school I attended the "Hall of Creation for children ", Chişinău - crocheting circle. I was always trying to make the thread an active element. Crocheting group was my first step on the way to textile art.

Each work is unique because it expresses the joy of a moment that will never be repeated. Each of them represents an emotion manifestation, emotions that speak a language understood by everyone.

In the decorative art I selected to study profoundly tapestry, print kerchief and artistic pracessing of leather.

Textile compositions are contrived in a traditional bidimensional and three-dimensional frame. In tapestry the haute-lisse technique is used, which contains structural and cromatical organised variations. I prefer to use configurations from real life which are realist and abstract; figurative and nonfigurative themes.

I'm trying to make the thread an active element. I use the play of cromatical and structural rhythm that creates a pleasant aspect. I prefer the pallet of warm colours and cromatical contrasts. As for most professional artists, the moldavian folk carpet will be always an inspiration for me from a cromatical point of view.

The surface of the tapestry is formed from different structures of facture: contrast, smooth-rough, bright-pale. Besides the classical type I try to use different weave techniques and different materials as leather, wood, coated rod, sisal fibres, etc. The process of tissue is realised through a decorative facture, but at the same time I use the folk tissue traditions. So the tapestry remains my favourite specialization of Decorative Arts.

As regards print kerchief, I prefer the cold technique because it permits me to exactly execute the smallest details or application of graphics. I prefer figurative and nonfigurative theme and use three stylization directions (realistic, geometrical, abstract).